Registration & Compliance

Registration At Shannon Healthcare, we can help support you to make your registration applications as smoothly as possible under the Health and Social Act. We also endeavor to support you to make the appropriate changes needed to your registration as your business changes to ensure ongoing compliance. We help in supporting you to complete and/ or update your statement of purpose, governance policies and business plan Regulatory Compliance We can support you to ensure that you remain compliant with the Regulations through ongoing monitoring. However, if you find yourself in the position of non-compliance and enforcement action following a CQC visit we can support with responses to CQC and to help you achieve compliance. We have a proven track record in supporting providers to improve their quality rating with CQC and have worked with a number of providers who have been successfully rated as ‘outstanding’ by CQC following our support. Contract Compliance with Local Authority Standards We can support you to ensure that you meet local authority contracting standards and Terms of contract.